5 Top Pet Insurance Companies

Top Pet Insurance Companies

Figo stands out from other pet insurers because it offers unlimited payout limits and direct payments to vets. It also provides free 24/7 video vet consultations through Joii.

Figo doesn’t have any waiting periods or deductibles and doesn’t discriminate between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. It also has one of the shortest claim processing timelines at two days.


Figo Pet Insurance offers affordable plans with varying annual coverage levels and reimbursement rates. Applicants can choose from multiple options to meet their needs, including plans with unlimited claim benefits and annual deductibles. The company also offers a money-back guarantee and 24/7 virtual vet visits. Moreover, its claims are settled within 2.6 working days on average. Figo also covers curable pre-existing conditions, which is a nice feature for many people.

The company also offers additional add-ons, such as lost pet advertising/rewards and third-party property damage liability.

Figo leverages technology and AI to create a fast, intuitive experience for their customers. Their customer service representatives are available to answer questions via phone, email, and chatbot. Their online portal and mobile app make it easy to manage your policy and submit claims. Additionally, Figo’s Evie chatbot is a great tool for finding answers to common questions. The company also offers employee benefits, such as competitive pricing and free veterinary visits for employees and their pets.


Lemonade, the InsurTech darling that made its name in home and car insurance, is now offering pet insurance. Its unique business model allows it to offer premiums that are significantly lower than traditional providers. . This company offers comprehensive coverage and flexible annual deductible choices.

 They also provide a wellness add-on that covers things like physical therapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

The company also offers a mobile app that makes it easy to manage your policy and file claims without making a phone call. Its policies include accident and illness coverage, as well as preventive packages that cover blood tests, urinalysis and X-rays. In addition, the company loops mixed breeds into generic buckets to reduce pricing, which is a boon for owners of riskier mixes.

Pets Best

Pets Best has been in business for years and has built a reputation of affordable rates, comprehensible policies, and easy claims processing. Their customer ratings are higher than average on TrustPilot with 3.8 out of 5. They offer three accident and illness plans, two wellness options, and optional routine care add-ons for extra cost.

They also have many deductible and annual limit choices, making it simple to choose the plan that fits your budget. Their comprehensive coverage includes a 24/7 pet helpline, a vet locator tool, and a mobile app. They also allow you to use any veterinarian or emergency clinic in the U.S. and have no network restrictions.

Customers can file claims online, on the mobile app or by fax, email or mail. They can also choose to have their claim payments automatically deposited directly into their vet account. They can also request a reimbursement check by mail. Their policyholders can receive help from a 24/7 customer service representative via telephone or live chat.

Many Pets

Many Pets is an insurance company that was started in the UK in 2012 with the mission of reinventing insurance. They are newer to the market, but they have made a name for themselves by providing comprehensive accident and illness coverage with no annual limit. They also offer a wellness plan that provides preventative care, such as routine vet visits and dental cleanings.

Their deductible and reimbursement options are flexible, and they can provide a customized policy for your pets and budget. The company even offers cancer coverage that includes all diagnostics and treatments, including biopsies, radiation, and chemo.

The one downside of Many Pets is that they are only available in a limited number of states. Their waiting periods for accidents and illnesses are shorter than most other companies, at just 15 days. For wellness plans, the wait is only 24 hours. This is still a long time to be without pet insurance, but it’s less than some of the other policies we reviewed.

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