Google Photos Alternative Unlimited?

Google Photos Alternative Unlimited? As you know google will be removing his free online photo cloud storage platform unlimited storage but don’t worry here we are with Google Photos Alternatives.There are some ways to free up space like deleting unwanted photos and videos and compressing images but if you use multiple Resources to store images and files then you don’t need to do this so let’s find out Google Photos Alternatives Unlimited.Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives.

1 Amazon PhotosAmazon offers Amazon Photos cloud storage tool but it’s only for Amazon prime users. Amazon photos offers unlimited cloud storage as long as you maintain an Amazon prime subscription.Amazon prime cost for indian users is only 99rs per month and annual plan cost is 999rs so it’s affordable price for everyone apart from that Amazon prime users can access prime video, prime music, special discount on deals, one to two day fast delivery and many more features so this is very cheapest price for everyone.Amazon photos available on playstore for android users and for iOS users it’s available on iCloud.

2. OneDriveBasic plan of Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store 5gb files and photos but if you are an Microsoft 365 subscription user then you can claim your free 1TB cloud storage.Microsoft 365 subscription cost is 4199 it’s costly but you will get Microsoft 365 softwares access also with 1TB cloud storage and it’s available on android, iOS , windows and Mac so it’s a good thing.

3. Dropbox BasicDropbox allows you to host 5gb data and files but if you want to host more data and files then you can upgrade your Dropbox plan and its cost 746 rs per month and you will get 2TB cloud storage for free with Dropbox plan.And if you want to buy an annual plan then it costs 8952 rs and if you want to go with a family plan then per month it costs 1238rs and for an annual plan it costs 14850 rs.

4. JioCloudOne of my favourite cloud storage platforms is JioCloud. It offers 50gb free cloud storage and if it is not sufficient for you then you can use a referral program where you just need to refer to this app and you can earn more cloud storage.5. DuboxDubox applications provide 1TB Cloud storage for absolutely free. You can store 300000 photos, 250+ Movies and 6.5million plus documents at Dubox Application.

6. Degoo Cloud StorageDegoo offers 100gb free cloud storage to users and you can use this application on both mobile and tablet devices.Degoo Cloud Storage pro version is also available where you have two options of storage first 500gb and second Rs 2TB with 224/month and Rs 746/month.

7. MegaMega offers 50gb free cloud storage also it uses file encryption where you can download or upload 1gb data in each 6 hours.Mega is available for mobile and pc both you can use it on Mac, Windows & linux.

8. DigiBox DigiBox is an Indian cloud storage platform which allows you to host 20gb data for free. DigiBox comes with end to end encryption. DigiBox also has paid plans at a very cheap price. For 100gb cloud storage it costs 30 rs and for 5TB Cloud Storage it costs 300rs per month.

9. iCloudIf you are an apple user then you can go with iCloud plans and subscriptions. iCloud starts from 75 rs per month for 50gb cloud storage, 219rs per month for 200gb cloud storage and 749rs per month for 2TB storage.

10. pCloudpCloud allows you to use free storage with a high level of encryption apart from that it has pro plans for 500gb storage you just need to pay $175 one time payment and for 2TB storage you just need to pay $350 one time payment.Final Words,You can use any cloud storage platform. We have mentioned all platforms after deep research.Many platforms offer free storage for lifetime but some platforms have limitations and packages so you can buy any subscription or you can use multiple free platforms with limitations.

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