How to Get Personal Loan in HDFC


Personal loans from HDFC Bank are a great way to finance your needs. The eligibility criteria is fairly straightforward and includes credit score, employment type, age, and income documents. Depending on the applicant’s needs, HDFC may also offer top up loans.

Applying for a personal loan from HDFC is easy and quick.

Getting a loan

HDFC bank offers a hassle-free personal loan application process, minimal documentation, and quick disbursal. It also offers a range of personal loans to suit all needs and budgets. In addition, it offers zero hidden charges and the lowest processing fee.

You can apply for a personal loan from HDFC bank online or by visiting your nearest branch. Upon submission of all required documents, the bank will verify your eligibility and provide you with a loan amount.

The HDFC personal loan is a good option for those who need to finance their medical emergencies, the education of their children, or other expenses. However, it is important to keep in mind that a personal loan should not be used for unnecessary purposes. If you do so, you may fall into an endless cycle of debt.


The basic requirements for a personal loan from HDFC bank include photo identity proof & income documents. You should submit clear copies of these documents & self-attest them to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Your CIBIL Score is another important factor that determines your eligibility for a personal loan from HDFC bank. A high CIBIL score increases your chances of getting the loan approved, while a low CIBIL score decreases your chances.

The Company the applicant is employed with also plays a vital role in his or her eligibility for a personal loan from HDFC Bank. Applicants working in companies featured in the company category list are offered lower interest rates as compared to those working in a non-featured category company. This is primarily because these employees have higher disposable income.

Documents required

A personal loan is a credit facility that can be used for any purpose. The bank will assess the applicant’s income and repayment capability to determine the amount of loan that can be approved. The bank will also require the applicant to submit KYC documents and proof of residence.The company the applicant works for will play a major role in his or her eligibility for a personal loan. The company should be a reputable business and the salary must be regular. In addition, the number of people who depend on the borrower’s monthly income will be taken into consideration when assessing the repayment capacity. The lender will also consider the applicant’s savings and other EMI payments to determine his or her ability to repay a new personal loan.

Interest rates

The interest rates for personal loans in HDFC Bank depend on the borrower’s monthly expenses, credit history, and repayment capacity. For example, people with higher net monthly incomes have better chances of getting lower rates. It’s also important to have a consistent source of income and a good credit score.

The company where a person works can affect the loan rates as well. For example, if someone is employed in a large, well-known private sector company or MNC, they will likely get lower rates than someone working for a government organization.

Those who want to apply for a personal loan can check their eligibility online in less than a minute. The bank’s website also allows customers to track the status of their application. This feature saves time and effort for borrowers.


HDFC Bank offers personal loans with a wide range of repayment options. They offer low prepayment charges and zero hidden fees. They also offer customized offers for women borrowers and corporate employees.

The bank checks your income and credit report before approving a loan application. It also considers the amount of debt you already have. Having too many debts can affect your borrowing capacity.

Applicants who have an existing relationship with the bank may qualify for a personal loan faster. They can also apply for a top up loan if they need additional funds. The EMI for the top up loan will be consolidated with the existing EMI, making it easier to repay the loan. This type of loan is ideal for people who need to cover unexpected expenses.

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